HyperJobs is a framework for recruiting contractors for developping HyperStake. It takes advantage of the staking property of HyperStake which allows Endowment to fund paiement without adding any more money after the first investment, essentially securing the position indefinitely once it had been opened.

Candidates for HyperJobs can come from all walk of live, since HyperStake need proficiency in more than coding: marketing, legal, graphic design, documentation...

What we expect from a candidate for HyperJobs is to speak English well enough for communicating with colleagues, be adept at IRC (or willing to learn) and of course be proficient in his mission. On top of this, we also prefer a "HyperJober" to be creative and propose solution of its own and to think in how what he does can be reused for something else - be it other code, other design, other translation...

So far, one position had been opened -- and filled.

How it works Edit

  • Any position is endowed with 50 000 HYP
  • 50% of the interests go to the contractor's address. The remaining 50% go to funding the next position. Once the next position is secured, the next position start to secure a third position and so on. As for the now-free remaining 50%, they go to the contractor. This means that after a while, the contractor reward is doubled.
  • If a new position has to be opened but there is not enough HYP for it, the large holder will lend the necessary money.

Todo Edit

Presently, HyperJobs is mainly oriented toward "time and materials" (projet en régie in French). It should be fine-tuned to allow short-term, project-specific contract ("fixed-price project", projet au forfait in French).

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