HyperSend is a generalization of the idea that first came up with Stake for Charity. Although the name itself is particular to HyperStake, the idea originated in Tranz's BottleCaps under the name autosaving[1].

HyperSend is the ability to automatically send a part of the staking to another address (remember: we are talking about stake, not principal - you do not lose your coins, you are sharing your profits with others). This can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • The above-mentioned well-known Stake for Charity.
  • Securing funds in a cold wallet - for security of for protecting oneself against "compulsive spending". Notice cold wallets do not stake so you would trade some profits for added security. This is the intended purpose for BottleCaps and the reason why it is called autosaving there.
  • Sending to exchange to trade for other coins. This is particularly useful in the context of the HyperShield initiative: in order to maintain liquidity, sell 25% of your stake every month (set S4C to 25% with your exchange address).
  • Promoting HyperStake (and making it less centralized), by automatically sending coins to lower holders, typically newcomers. This feature will gain its full potential once it will is possible to autosend to several addresses and to also send only for a limited time (like a 30 days welcome gift for newcomers).
  • Sending some HYP to your reddit/##hyperstake... balance, for tipping.
  • "HyperStake: there is such a thing as a free lunch".[2]

References Edit

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