HyperStake is a cryptocurrency (think Bitcoin) with inflation controlled 750% interest rate and a focus on experimentation.

General statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Pure PoS (X11 PoW blocks already phased out) - see Proof-of-Stake
  • 90 Second Block Time
  • Minimum Age - 8.8 days / Maximum Age - 30 days
  • Annual Interest Rate (APR) - 750%
  • Maximum Stake Subsidy - 1,000 HYP
  • Recommended Block Size - 4,000 HYP (If you plan to open your wallet from time to time, consider a smaller block size. If you plan to stake 24/7, think of a bigger one. See tutorial for splitting blocks)

Warning: Ex-per-i-ment[edit | edit source]

Further reading
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HyperStake, a coin with 750 % annual PoS

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