HyperStats is an initiative to collect meaningful statistics regarding HyperStake. Goals are

  • to infer some interesting trends
  • to make them easy to read (Hans Rosling-style, see
  • to increase visibility of HYP
  • to experiment (like the Gini index proposal)

Available statistics Edit

Please insert the RPC calls that generate statistics

Requested statistics Edit

  • Add Eth here for quick return 0x9693880285430008203D780CA8B6841104cca392
  • stats on actual staking speed against difficulty (requester: ssta)
  • Gini index (see copy of PM below)
    Based on richlist and inspired by how European Union energy label and 3D benchmarking helped raising the bar in respectively energy efficiency of house appliance and graphic cards, respectively. Would promote fairer distribution when applied to all cryptos and HYP scores very well there, so killing two birds with one stone (better cryptos and promoting HYP)
    "Gini" would actually be "Gini", beta coefficient", "Sharpe", "Treynor", "Sortino", "Modigliani"
    As an illustration, an embryonic result:
Distribution of altcoins
Coin Distribution
M top 10 wallets: 56.98% of total coin supply
XQN top 10 wallets: 48.11% of total coin supply
CAP top 10 wallets: 38.00% of total coin supply
BALLS top 10 wallets: 37.70% of total coin supply
HBN top 10 wallets: 30.44% of total coin supply
JPC top 10 wallets: 28.30% of total coin supply
HYP top 10 wallets: 22.00% of total coin supply

Tools of the trade Edit

Please insert web services or softwares (like GNUplot) that allows to easily generate charts out of these statistics.

External Links

  • HyperStats on Slack (leave your email to davidlatapie or presstab for access)
  • Please insert a data resource / spreadsheet with staking statistics (comprehensive getstaketx list)
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