A summary of the various IRC channels we have. Notice they all start with a double dash instead of single one, to comply with Freenode's policies on reputability.

The chat ones Edit

##hyperstake Edit

The main chat, for chatting, raining and "botting" (asking various bots about price, tipbots...) Matylda is the tipbot. Large volume.

##hyperstake-dev Edit

As the name implies, more developper-oriented.

The gaming ones Edit

All these games use the HYP you placed in your IRC registered account. You don't even have to have HYP in the first place, you can just go to ##hyperstake to wait for rain, be opportunistic and go to ##hyp-rain or hang on ##hyp-casino and wait for the hypstorm. By the way, you can also get free HYP with the faucet ( or to beg on Poloniex when someone rains on the trollbox.

##hyp-poker Edit

Holdem, 1 HYP = 1000 chips, 2% pot rake. Rules: Help Owner is dfletcher.

##hyp-lotto Edit

Owner is dfletcher.

##hyp-trivia Edit

Answer questions and get points. TOP 3 highscore prize: 5 HYP, 3 HYP, 1 HYP. Auto-start with 4 Players. Owner is dfletcher.

##hyp-casino Edit

Several games in one. See the dedicated page. Owner is El_Kabong.

##hyp-raffle Edit

Buy tickets for a chance to win a real-life product. Owner is El_Kabong.

##hyp-rain Edit

This one is special in that it is not exactly a game and more importantly, you cannot stay on it except for a short amount of time. When waxo says you can come, come and receive rain. When waxo says you must leave (Matylda will kick you out, anyway). Owner is waxo.

##hyp-random Edit

"If it is off-topic, it's on topic"

The deprecated ones Edit

##hyp-game Edit

It was hosting -trivia, -lotto and -poker on the same channel. Hard to maintain, hence the split.

##hyp-meeting Edit

Supposedly for easier talk between dev. Now we use Slack for this (

##hyp-politics Edit

An early version of ##hyp-random, you can gess what kind of offtopic it was!

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