Various resources to help spreading the word about HyperStake. Remember: what matters is the volume, not the price!

Template letters and communiqués Edit

Don't forget to customize the letter by adding something peculiar to the group you are contacting.

Testimonies Edit

<rel_> hyp has to be the most mature community I've ever come across
<rel_> the threads are so clean
<rel_> zero bullshit

Dedicated devs, one of the best coin communities, protections against
dumps, useful information and content always being added and improved,
HyperStake is the real deal.

<lonnie> I don't buy coins I buy devs

It makes [HYP] a lot better than the other coins where every other post
is a bagholder complaining. — presstab

I'm gonna start supporting my old man with my HYP and his weekly shopping
to start with - it's about time at my age I looked after the oldies,
rather than them looking after me ! :)

<Kushed> I like the fact there is no road maps, there is no set in stone
goals. This gives the community a playground to experiment and embrace
changes and new ideas/concepts.

I love these hi-stake coins, but because of very low volume they are
basically fun hobby coins… Only HYP has managed to find a formula
that creates good liquidity (1-2% of all HYP turns over every day)…

<El_Kabong> its nice cause im building each bot i make for a certain
thing i need...
<El_Kabong> like the rafflebot pays for my sons diapers n food
<El_Kabong> the casino pays for gas and food
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