HYPsters are a joyous bunch. We like to create a lot of wordplay and snowclones with HYP in it, and sometimes some slogans, most of them tongue-in-cheek, come out of it.

A selection:

  • HYP makes you rich while you're asleep
  • HYP. High-PoS done right
  • Hyp hyp hyp hurra
  • iMac has 5K. HYP too
  • HyperStake: bitcarbon-proof
  • All the HYP are belong to us
  • Such HYP. Much Stake. Wow.
  • What is blue, cute and not a Smurf? HYP
  • HYPing is like sex. Sometimes something useful comes out of it, but that's not the reason why we are doing it. -- Richard HYPman
  • Stake for a rainy day with HYP (Siva79)
  • ♫ Party HYP is in the house tonight everybody just have a good time. ♫
  • ♫ The HYP must go on. ♫
  • ♫ Another one bites the HYP.♫
  • HYP in!
  • You don't need money, don't take fame. Don't need no credit card to ride this train. That's the power of HYP.
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