HyperStake can be called an ultra-fast deploying super secured PoS cryptocurrency network with a saving account analogy. A 750% yearly interest rate is the perfect incentive for holders to buy and actively mint, which creates a diverse ecosystem of nodes and pushes up the difficulty. Exponentially (during the deployment phase) increasing money supply (inflationary mechanics will be explained soon) and, on the other hand, the value of high dividend securities, which prevents dumping, makes HyperStake non-vulnerable to any monopoly attack. Even if there is an army of stakers with large amounts of staking holdings, no one will eventually be able to get as little as 1% of the whole network without breaking the World Bank. But wait! Can this coin be devalued due to hyperinflation?

No. There is the Inflation Control Mechanism built into HyperStake. As the money supply grows, the total network weight also grows. It makes the difficulty rise, so stakers will enlarge their block sizes to successfully compete with each others. When they cross the line of 5000 HYP, they aren't able to get more than 1000 HYP (the max subsidy) in >10 days of staking (2.05% per day/750% per year). If they decide to stay within this size limit, such block may go beyond 30 days max weight-gaining period and can be lost in ages (i.e. will stake in the far future). To make a long story short, some HYPsters will increase block sizes to maintain a reasonable staking time thus reducing the interest rate they get from their blocks, while another will get a lesser APR/APY due to a tremendous staking period of small blocks.

So, potentially an unlimited number of coins can be produced every day? No. There is the daily limit of 960 blocks 1000 HYP each. HyperStake is an inflationary cryptocurrency, which makes it fair for everybody. But it’s inflation is restricted by ICM to bring in a steady linear growth of money supply in it’s final expansion phase that has already started.

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