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Hi Exchange,

I'd like to submit a new coin.

This coin is called HyperStake. It is based on TRK. We forked it as an experiment (fork launch), because we wanted to run a lot of experiments - this was the first one and the community welcomed this first experiment very well.

HyperStake is a high-PoS coin unlike any other - even if it shares some code with Peercoin and derivatives, it uses completely different inflation control mechanism. But; from an exchange point of view, this I believe, is not what matter the most. What matters is that it has volume and slow and steady rise.

Before I give you any statistics, let me point to some articles that I believe will give you a better idea of why our coin fits your standards of a good coin (and not only on volum but also on technical soundness and honesty)

If you read the HDJ, you will notice that we constantly have new ideas for making this coin even better and more widespread, both on technology and on usage.

As for the volume and stability, pictures are worth a thousand words (screenshots taken today):

Chart all time

As you can see, high volume, all markets and steady rise, with almost no dump.

We believe that HyperStaje would be a great addition to you exchange and would help proving that PoS can be done righ

I will conclude with some technical informations:

  • Coin Name: HyperStake
  • Coin trading symbol: HYP
  • Launch Date (past or future): July 06 2014

Github Link:

  • Exchanges you are currently on: Poloniex, Coin-Swap, AllCoin,, Askcoin, Allcrypt
  • What is your TxFee for a transaction: 0.00001 HYP (security of the network is done by staking, so the transaction fee is merely symbolic)
  • A png image for your coin with a transparent background


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